girlkisser 73: welcome to my own personal hell!



Hey it's me girlkisser73! I randomly took a web design class in school and now I'm hooked so here I am making my own site! :D I've mostly been using this to journal so if you like reading about peoples personal lives you should go check that out! It's the only page that I update frequently cause it's the easiest :p I plan to update this frequently but also life happens and I may forget about this ten minutes after making it hehehe sorry for the lack of things this is all a work in progress :) Things should be showing up soon so stay tuned!

also I'm a horrible speller so if you see any typos pretend you didnt!

11/30 UPDATE - Dude I added in these rainbows like a week ago and now they finally work? I have no clue what is going on but I'm enjoying it.

the eeper