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Mar. 14, 2023

Junior High Kids

Hey peeps what's up!? Today I have a band concert with the junior high kids and I'm super excited for it! I'm one of the only seniors in the clarinet section so I get to be in charge and yell at children today :D I even dressed up for it and made sure I looked extra spooky and intimidating (spelling?) so that they're scared of me and I can scare them into joining marching band. I don't really like scaring them because I got to meet them all in October for our junior high day for marching band but a couple of the underclassmen told me that they were intimidated (again, spelling??) by me whne they first saw me so I'm playing into that because it's slightly funny. :) I have to stay at the school until 8 though and I'm not going to enjoy that..... ALSO I HAVE A WHOLE SOLO THAT I HAVE TO PLAY AND I AM TERRIFIED !!!!!!!! After the concert though me and my friends are gonna go out to eat which is pretty cool :)

Song(s) of the day: My Castle Town - Toby Fox (Deltarune Chapter 2) This is the song I'm playing for my solo!!!!!

Disenchanted - My Chemical Romance I've been listening to a lot of mcr lately because of all the videos I keep seeing of them on tour

Jan. 26, 2023


Hey dudes I'm back!! It's been a month thats crazy! Anyways a bit of an explanation of why I was gone for so long. So this website was a little thing I picked up in my free time cause I didn't really have anything else to do but recently I started a comic for my art class and that has occupied all of my time sadly :( I hope to post it on here soon but I might forget! Anyways the comic is this super cute romancy story and the main pair meet each other in a dream! I really like how it's trning out but it's sooooo much work! ALSO THE OWL HOUSE OH My GOD it ALLL I CAN THINK ABOUT RIGHT NOW IT SO GOOOODD!!!

Song of the day: Just Like Heaven - The Cure This is the song that inspired my comic :)

Dec. 12, 2022

Horrible Sick Day

Hey guys it's been a bit! I've been sick for a couple days now and it's been horrible! I keep coughing a ton and I think I've cracked a rib at this point. Today I had to go back to school and luckily it's pj day so I don't I have to dress up too much! Even if it wasn't pj day I would have just showed up in them anyways. This is also the first time this year I haven't worn makeup to school which is weird but no one has mentioned it yet which is also weird. I got to school this morning and I got super lightheaded and it was such a weird experience like I couldn't focus on anything anyone was saying and somethimes my eyes wouldn't focus. I then went to my 4th hour and I realized that I had A HOlE IN MY PANTS!! I'm not too embaressed cause the pants are really baggy and it's on a seam so no one can tell but also that means I have to fix them before I acn wear them again :( theyre the only pajama pants I own too so it suckkssssssss. In my glassworks class today I dropped one of my ornemants I was making out of glass and it shattered and now I have to make a new one and they're due in like TWO DAYS!! I got most of one done so as long as it survives the kiln everything should be good!

Song of the day: What's Up? - Mom Jeans.

Nov. 30, 2022


Ok dudes we have much to discuss on this fine day. Lots have happened since we last chatted (which was litteraly 2 days ago) so I've got to update you on everything. So first off I must address the Voltron fanfic. I finished it this morning after I put it off for so long and it was ok. I love the beginning but the ending was rushed and I know it was because the writter was getting at lot backlash and lost interest in it but it's just kinda sad ya know? THe writter seems to have such good writting when they're passionite about it but once that passion is gone it's like uhhhh. I think that's true for any creative no matter what you specialize in and it sucks when that passion is gone. Anyways on to other news spotify wrapped came out today! My top artist was Los Campesinos! and appearently I was in the top 0.1% of listeners which is sick.The last couple months have been something and I thought that it wouldn't affect my stats but apperantly it did cause Radionhead was #4 on my top artists. It's a good things they stop collecting data after Halloween cause I got broken up with at that time and bro that would have fucked everything up. At times like these I really wished that I used twitter instead so people could post their stats and stuff but also twitters boring and people are mean on there. Anyways that's all I've got for today! I've got a band concert that I have to prepare for in the next couple days and homework I have to make up so it might be a bit before I journal!

Song of the day: By Your Hand - Los Campesions! my top song of the year and also my favorite song :) It's the music video too!

Nov. 28, 2022

Becoming my 8th grade self

Hey dudes me again! I have recently decided to revert back to my 8th grade self and get back into the stuff I was then cause I'm bored. At the time I loved the show Voltron and so now I've caved and gotten back into it. You are allowed to laugh at me please take the next 5 seconds to audibly laugh out loud at my stupidity. Anyways because of this I've started reading the imfamous fanfiction (that I shall not name iykyk and thats all I'm gonna say) and it's so bad but also so good. Like the writting is great and the characters are somewhat accurate to their show versions but also sometimes the author just over explains things. Like I don't want to hear about this guy shoving his hands up the other guys shirt. Why are they there? Are you trying to touch his boobs?? Anyways the point of the story is that I may be cringe but I'm free. I will keep you update on my future cringy endevours.

Song of the day: Been It - The Cardigans

Nov. 24, 2022

TF2 weekend

Hey peeps! I've been on Thanksgiving break since yesterday and its been a fun little time. I joked with my mom that I was going to be occupied the entire break cause I was going to go on a 72 hour long TF2 binge with my friends but it seems to becoming a reality because that's all I've done since last night. I'm very horrible at the game but I really enjoy playing with all my friends :). Anyways besides my little TF2 marathon I went to the dentist yesterday by myself and it was terrifying but I survived! Elizabeth: 1 Dentist: 0. Right now I'm watching my friend play this game called Rain World and the art is so pretty like I love it so much!!! The water parts are so pretty!!

Song of the day: (PLAN A) - Los Campesinos!

Nov. 21, 2022

first entry! :D

Hey people it's my first journal entry! :D I don't know how I want to format this page yet so this is kinda just a place holder at the moment. Today I started making a lot of progress on a comic that I'm gonna write for my art class next semester. It was an assignment for one of my creative writing classes so I just went ahead and drafted part of the comic and I really like it :) We're supposed to have a critique in class tomorrow so I wont share it just yet but once it's 100% done I'll try to remember to share it! Last night I watched this really cool documentary by Defunctland about finding the writer for the Disney Channel theme and it was SOOOOOO GOOOOD!! I highly recommend it! You can watch it here! :D

Song of the day: Motion Sickness - Phoebe Bridgers